You Have a Right to Write!

Quick! Another poll.

Have you ever been:

  1. angry?
  2. scared?
  3. sad?
  4. excited?
Me too. You know what helps me? A notebook.

If you're like me, you might have notebooks scattered everywhere. I like to have one ready when an idea comes or when something scary happens.

If you don't have a notebook, get one. Ask your mom, your dad, or even your grandma if you can go to the dollar store to get one. Make that notebook your friend.

For example, if a bulldog attacks your puppy, write it down. What were the sounds like? What did your stomach feel like during the attack? How did it feel to hold your dog afterward?

That really happened to me. I hated the experience. But once it was over, I knew writing about it would help me feel better.

* * *
Here is a picture of a book with more notebook ideas. It is called A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You. I love this book. Ralph Fletcher wrote it. (If you ever meet him, tell him I said his book was cool!)

See if you can find Mr. Fletcher's book in a library. It has ideas about feeding your writer's notebook daily word-food. Some day you'll be very glad you did, because some day you might not remember when you were happy . . . or angry . . . or sad.

Remember, YOU have the right-to-write it all!