You Have a Right to Write!

I've had my articles, essays, poems, music, etc, published. I've had my plays produced. But here is a sampling of my books: 


40 Heroes.
Accepted for publication. Artist being selected by publishing house. News forthcoming.

YA (Young Adult)

Win the Race!
Non-fiction. Manuscript under consideration. News forthcoming.


Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers.
Non-fiction. An essential guide for parents and teachers of teens.

Mother's Wisdom: 50 Lessons from Sons and Daughters.
Non-fiction. Heartwarming essays from 50 writers about mothers young and old.

Hearts and Hands: Stories of Hope for Mothers.
Fiction and essays with a humorous slant on family life.

Eighteen Months.
Essays by journalists, professors, and women from all walks of life.

Works in Progress

I have many other manuscripts in the works: picture books, chapter books, and YA fantasy. Check back often to hear the latest news.

What have you been working on recently? Write me and let me know!

Remember, YOU too have the right-to-write!