You Have a Right to Write!
Mudpies and parties and fun, oh my!

What do you do when you're bored? I bet you're creative like me.

I bet you used to like to squish in mud puddles (when you were two). And now that you're older you might like parties. Or then again, you may STILL like the mud. Only now, instead of jumping in puddles, you ride dirt bikes up huge hills and race down the other side.

I think I'm too scared to do much of that. But I do like reading about adventuresome kids like you. I like writing about them, too. What are some of your favorite things to do? Why not take this little poll?

When bored, you can find me:

A. Staring into space out in my backyard.
B. Making a big mess of my sister's room.
C. Cooking treats in my mom's kitchen (and leaving a bigger mess).
D. Riding a horse and smelling pasture smells.

Did you know that even though you might not have a backyard, you can pretend you do? Did you know that if you want a horse (like I do), you can have one . . . through a book?

The world is huge. And even though you might not have everything you want right now, you can find it in a book.

Books are great. They help you touch your dreams.

And if you can't find a book that describes your dream, write one. Kids are getting published now. Why not let the next kid author be you?

Talk to your teachers. Talk to your librarian. Let them know you want to write a book. They can help you.

Use some of my writing ideas here at this website. And just know, whether you like mudpies or parties, it's all good . . . if they are part of your dreams or if they really come from you.