You Have a Right to Write!
You Can Interview Me!

Do you have a school newspaper? Would you like to be a published author? Here is an easy way.

I'm going to give you some simple questions - or you can make up your own. (My email address is below.)

As soon as I receive your "Interview Request", I'll answer your questions. When you receive my answers, write up the "interview" as an article. You can ask your teacher for help.

Maybe your school newspaper or even local newspaper will print your article. And then (drum roll) . . . you'll be a published writer. That will be a neat thing to see your name in print!


When did you first begin reading?

Was reading hard for you?

Did reading books scare you at first?

Why do you write?

What kinds of things do you write?

Do you get discouraged as a writer?

Who are your favorite authors?

Type up your question ideas. Have your parents or your teacher help you email me at You're on your way to being a true published author!