You Have a Right to Write!

Author Cindy Sue Bezas really DID flunk math!

Guess what! Let me be the first to tell you . . . I flunked math. Yep. Twice! Ouch.

But guess what I was really good at? That's right. Words. And reading. I LOVED to read. One of my most favorite books to read was The Phantom Tollbooth.

My family was poor. But
my mother taught me to read by the time I was five. She knew reading was important.  Each month my grade school received Weekly-Reader orders (like Scholastic book orders today). And . . . most of the books in those boxes were mine!

I won my first writing contest when I was in junior high. I was supposed to go to a cool conference on the other side of the state. But I was a bit disorganized ... ok, a lot disorganized. I forgot to get up early on that day. I missed my ride. (I'm sure you NEVER make mistakes like that.)

Yet I kept on writing. As a kid, I liked pretending I was an author.

I wrote my own adventures. I thought dictionaries were better than mudpies, cupcakes, or parties. I kept creating all kinds of stories. I still have files and files of all those old papers. You name it and I bet I've written it.

Now I have four books with my name on them or in them (the fifth one is coming this fall with two others in the works). I've had my musicals produced. Hundreds of my articles are published. I've had my poetry in anthologies. I've received a money award in recognition of my writing for children.

And ... yes, I still keep on writing.

Who knows? Maybe I'll come to a school near you so that I can teach you to keep on writing also. Have your teachers contact me at I'll send them information.

Until then, YOU keep on writing. Because you have the right to write too!

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