You Have a Right to Write!

Here is my official Bio!


C.S. Bezas' writing background has been heavily influenced by her professional appearances on film, TV, and on stage. She has been in music and training videos, in addition to doing corporate and documentary film work. A featured soloist throughout the US and in Europe, C.S. Bezas has appeared as an actress and has done voice-over work in recording studios.

All of this gives this writer a physical grace and articulate nature when appearing before kids and adults alike. Her presentation skills have been well-groomed through her many speaking events at writers' conferences, schools, youth camps, homeschool groups and even larger gatherings.

With books and hundreds of articles in print and online, C.S. Bezas is well-versed with what makes writing work. Having edited for authors, she also is known for her Book-in-a-Month events where she oversees writers seeking to get a first draft out in 30 days or less.

C.S. Bezas' speaks to adult conferences on many topics, including:

  • Create Intense Characters Using the W.A.R.T. System TM
  • Write Your Book in a Fortnight
  • Public Speaking for Writers: Hidden Paths to Big Book Sales
C.S. Bezas' also speaks to kids about writing. Amongst her many presentation topics are:
  • Storytelling Like a Frog
  • Why Write? 3 Zany Reasons Not to Tell Your Sister
  • Creating Fun Characters
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